Dog Walking Services: We customize each walk or outdoor activitiy to your pets needs. Whether your pet prefers a nice walk or backyard play.


Dog Walking $20
A 30 minute walk or energizing backyard playtime and an afternoon potty break.  We refresh your pets water & food bowls if needed.  


In-Home Pet Sitting Services: Pets are happiest and safest in the comfort of their own homes. Our in-home service eliminates the stress that some pets feel when taken out of their homes for boarding at a kennel. We look forward to our visits as much as your pets do!


Going Away for Vacation or Business? 

A few days or a few weeks?

In-Home Pet Sitting Service $40.00
Two daily visits (minimal extra fee for additional pets). Includes  walk, playtime, brushing or any special requests. Regular daily care includes feeding, fresh water and administering any medications. Feel more at ease while you're away because we also include Home Watch, our mail/newspaper pick-up, plant watering, turn on your lights service.  Great service, all inclusive! Additional visits $20.00 per visit. 








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